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NICL Laboratories has been a trusted leader in providing comprehensive laboratory services since 1977. We deliver unsurpassed diagnostic testing to hospitals, physician practices, long-term care facilities, research institutions and leading employer wellness organizations. NICL’s mission is to provide outstanding diagnostic services and patient care through its leading clinical staff and customer service professionals.

In July 2020, NICL partnered with Trax Lab Systems to provide COVID-19 PCR testing and extractions in the greater Chicago area as well as Northwest Indiana. This partnership was an effort to expand its ability to serve their customers better and become a part of the growing need for testing in these areas.

The PhoenixDx PCR test from Procomcure Biotech is fast, accurate, and easy to use. In addition to the PhoenixDx PCR tests and extractions, Trax Lab Systems provided NICL with critical automated extraction and molecular analyzer instruments, and continues to supply NICL with PCR consumables such as swabs/VTMs and plastic consumables – often times within 24-hours of the products being ordered.

NICL and Trax have cemented a solid partnership that will continue to provide value in the PCR space beyond Covid.  The partnership helps NICL achieve its mission of providing significant value to its customers and partners.

NICL ensures the delivery of the highest degree of precision, accuracy and consistence in every test performed by utilizing:

  • Extensive quality control programs

  • State-of-the-art instrumentation and methodologies

  • Participation in both optional and required proficiency programs

  • Staffing by ASCP registered medical technologists

  • Full-time pathologist directors

  • Compliance with CLIA and IDPH Laboratory Regulations

  • Action value results automatically verified and called

Founded in 1984 Pacific Toxicology Laboratories "PacTox" is one of the country's leading specialty laboratories. Their state of the art facility in Los Angeles is a multi-discipline clinical laboratory center performing Clinical Toxicology, Industrial Drug Testing, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Biological Monitoring, Forensic Toxicology, Medical Surveillance, and COVID-19 Testing.

PacTox began working with the PhoenixDX PCR Test from Procomcure Biotech in September 2020. The test is easy to use due to its simple protocol that our techs can repeatedly follow. This is key to providing consistency in testing accuracy and the ability to accomplish high volume work-flows as seen in the height of the Covid pandemic.

Along with the ability to execute tests consistently, rapidly and with high accuracy, it is also important to have the necessary supplies readily available and on-time. Also, when technical questions come up, it is important for our team to feel confident that they can talk to an expert and come up with a solution to a challenge or get an answer that is accurate. Both the logistics and tech support from TRAX Lab Systems has enabled PacTox to keep up with the growing demand for high-quality PCR testing in California and around the country. PacTox mentioned that they have contacted tech support several times and they’ve always promptly answered our questions and concerns.

PacTox features a broad range of resources, our knowledgeable staff makes every effort deliver the best in service and quality with every test we perform. We are licensed federally and by multiple state regulatory programs. The laboratory adheres to guidelines stipulated by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), College of American Pathologists (CAP), and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Capture Collective was born out of The Ohio State University. Inventor Dr. Jacob and The Ohio State University, teamed up with Ikove Capital, to bring innovative solutions to the market. TRAX Lab Systems in conjunction with Capture Collective set up a high-throughput, molecular lab, in a 40-foot container at Terminal 2 of Honolulu International Airport. This labs is designed to keep the tourism industry for Hawaii continuing as much as possible through the pandemic and to keep the islands safe and Covid free.

The mobile airport lab has the ability to process up to 10,000 PCR tests in one day and can turn around test results in under six hours. The entire lab is staffed and run by local Hawaiian residents which helps maintain consistency. The entire lab was constructed in under one month and was designed to process travelers arriving from the U.S. mainland and international destinations.

Trax Lab Systems became involved with implementing this solution  and was the supplier for all of the equipment, setup, and validation. Trax also supplied all of the PCR tests, extraction kits, swabs/VTMS, and PCR consumables. As an additional service offering Trax built a custom inventory management system, and maintains all supply and logistics efforts post lab opening.

The lab was responsible for the Hawaiian tourism opening safely during the pandemic and received many accolades from local government officials and other organizations.