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For Labs

For Labs

Start, Expand Or Sell: Trax Lab Services Can Help

Start: If you are looking to start a brand new PCR lab or add capabilities to you current lab, we have the technology, the experts and the solutions that help you achieve your goals on time and under budget – effectively and profitably.

Expand: If you are looking to add panels to your lab and need the expertise to validate and get your lab CLIA certified, we have everything you need including the professionals who will come to your location, hire and train staff and create the SOPs and methodology for every assay and panel in your lab.

Sell: If you are looking to sell a lab, operational or not, please contact us. We help facilitate lab transactions all over the US and have even been known to acquire a few of our own. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Turn Your Tox Lab Into a PCR Lab

We help Tox Labs move into the PCR space on a weekly basis. For a lot less than you probably expect, we can help you turn your current toxicology lab into a PCR lab, help get you validated and running panels.

One-Stop Shopping For Our Labs

What We Do

We take pride in providing every lab we work with NOT ONLY everything they need to run their labs and increase throughput while decreasing costs, but also the opportunity to offer their end patients and clients with market-leading testing solutions that directly impact positive patient care.

Tech, Consumables and Plastics

We provide any and all manner of Swabs, Saliva collection kits, VTMs, Assays, Reagents, Extraction Kits, Analyzers, Extraction Machines, Vortex Machines and all of the plates, film, pipette and pipette tips you need to do your work.

Professional Assistance

Trax Lab Services maintains a network of independent lab consultants and professionals who can do everything from complete lab design and set up starting with only a blueprint, to validating a new list of panels for your lab.

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Our Assays, Reagents and Consumables are 100% Compatible with these popular analyzers:

  • BioRad CFX96
  • Qiagen Rotorgene Q
  • Applied Biosystems ABI 7500 Fast
  • qTower³ RealTime PCR
  • DTprime (DT-96) Real-time PCR
  • Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 1
  • Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 3
  • Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 5
  • Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 7
  • Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 12 Flex

Our Current Assays

Our current assays are cutting-edge Sars CoV 2 solutions. Our Phoenix DX Multiplex real time PCR assay is regarded as the gold standard for Covid-19 PCR tests and has FDA EUA approval.

Our CoFluenza multiplex assay tests for Covid-19 as well as Flu A+B. This combined test is currently submitted for FDA EUA approval. Meanwhile, our current labs are running this test as an LDT per CLIA requirements.

Our Genetic Mutant test for Covid-19 variants is another LDT assay that is becoming very popular with the highest sensitivity and lowest price per reaction on the market.

The Phoenix DX is the worldwide gold standard for real time Covid-19 PCR tests. This assay detects the presence of two different and highly specific gene sequences of 2019-nCoV: E gene and RdRP gene. Additionally, a non-infectious positive control is included. This control is used for confirmation of the assays overall PCR performance. The negative human extraction control assay is included to evaluate the quality of the RNA isolation independently from the 2019-nCoV assays.

As one of our fastest growing products, our CoFluenza assays will test for Covid-19 simultaneously along with Flu A and B. These tests are very popular with labs as they deliver ease of use along with  an incredible revenue opportunity. Covid will be here for years, and simple Covid-only or Flu-only tests will soon be obsolete. With a price per reaction only a few dollars higher than our standard PhoenixDX assay and reimbursed at $143, you can see why so many labs are choosing this assay.

Our Covid-19 Genetic Mutation tests are designed to work in any PCR lab with no additional staff or sequencing needed. Some of our biggest clients are full sequencing labs who find it faster and less expensive to use our test at scale. This test can be ran on any positive sample, even if the sample was first tested in an extraction-less process. Most clients choose the top 5 prevalent strains in their geographic area to test for.