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100% Custom Lab Solutions

We know each lab is unique, so we custom design our solutions one lab at a time

Boost Profits and Throughput

Our labs enjoy cost savings of 20-30% while increasing throughput from day one.

Manufacturer Direct

We work directly with Procomcure Biotech GmbH to develop our assays and solutions.

Door to Door Professional Lab Services Delivered

Lab Start Ups

We can help design your lab from start to finish with our own “boots on the ground” lab professionals.

Lab Validations

Our professional lab consultants can validate your lab for any assay we supply.

Lab Upgrades

Turn your toxicology lab into a PCR lab. Turn-key lab upgrades available in any location with lightning fast turnaround.

Don't Sequence. Scale.

Full sequencing genetic labs love our solutions as they are faster and less expensive than sequencing and are built to scale.

World - Class Supply Chain

We can provide all of your lab supplies and consumables with overnight delivery to anywhere in the lower 48 US.

CLIA Certified. SOPs Provided

Our lab professionals will CLIA certify your lab for any of our assays requiring LDT validation. All SOPs customized for your lab.

Reverse Sourcing

We help our labs by sourcing their unique problems to our manufacturer who can create real solutions, quickly and at scale.


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Our Supply Chain

We help labs in over 28 states process over 300k patient samples a day.

Your Opportunities

We match lab professionals with their ideal environment and private labs to create new opportunities nationwide.

Our Scientists

We develop new assays and money saving procedures weekly for our labs.

We Provide

The supply chain, the tech, the expertise and the professionals to help your lab not just survive, but flourish.

Your customers demand fast response and turnaround. Understandably so, because patients ultimately need answers to critical health concerns. Likewise, our ability to supply PCR labs with panels, consumables, and tests is just as critical. Every minute you waste chasing supplies, or sourcing new materials is time you are not satisfying what is most important…your customers. Stop wasting time and let us be the source you lean on so you can keep on turning at the speed of need.

Turning At The Speed of Need

Never Slow Down Over Supplies

Don’t get caught waiting for PCR plates, optical film, reagents, or pipette tips ever again. We can deliver any thing from swabs to analyzers and extractors to the lower 48, by the time you wake up tomorrow.

Not Your Typical Lab Supply

Assays & Panels



Professional Help

As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Procomcure Biotech, we use real world feedback and data to help create cutting-edge products and opportunities for our labs.