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PhoenixDx® COVID 19 Assay Tests available up to 5,000,000 per week at peak demand.

Trax Lab Systems is focused on connecting you with quality laboratory supplies and equipment for over 20 years. Trax provides end-to-end COVID19 testing solutions for molecular labs. Our products include: molecular analyzers, automated extraction machines, PCR test reagents, RNA extraction kits, swabs/VTMs, and all the plastic consumables that are part of the PCR testing process. Trax aims to be a one-stop shop for busy labs, allowing labs to focus on processing patient samples. Our PhoenixDx® Covid 19 Assay tests are in high demand and are outperforming the competition.  We are currently producing over 1,000,000 tests per week and have the capability to produce 5,000,000 tests per week in the event of a surge in demand. While keeping up with production, Trax Management Services will make sure the tests quickly make it to their destination. Centrally located in Columbus, Ohio, TRAX can ship to any part of the 48 contiguous states overnight. If our lab partners place an order by 1:00 PM, the order will ship by 6:00 PM. TRAX aims to be the logistics arm of our lab partners. Our team will arrange and track shipments to ensure arrival on time to the end-user keeping our customers in the loop throughout the process so they know where their products are at all times. We go above and beyond to make sure we can fulfill your orders and make sure they get to their destination when customers need them.


Trax uses real world feedback and data to help create cutting-edge products and opportunities for our labs. We are game changers in the testing industry providing laboratories a competitive advantage in their marketplace and increase the quality of patient care. We supply labs all over the country with everything they need from assays to analyzers to plastics at a lower price and faster turnaround than even our largest competitors. Working directly with our manufacturers to help bring business-changing PCR solutions to our labs, we have a world-class supply chain to keep them producing without delays. For our labs who are adding panels or are starting to scale, we offer professional “boots on the ground” lab professionals to help plan, set up, staff and validate your lab.

If you are concerned that your current testing provider has not provided confirmation that its PCR tests remain highly effective against the Omicron variant, it might be time to switch to the PhoenixDx multiplex test. Our high-quality products, immediate availability and white-gloved technical service set the standard for PCR (and antigen) testing in the industry.

Please visit our website or contact our technical team today to learn more about our PCR and antigen testing products and availability. Email us at info@traxconnects.com or telephone us directly at (833) 548-8378.