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With the Omicron variant poised to push case numbers in the United States back up again, PCR testing has once again moved to the foreground in our national pandemic prevention strategy. The problem with Omicron from a testing perspective, however, is that it has been shown to evade detection – rendering even some of the most well-known PCR tests significantly less sensitive.

Trax, however, has confirmed that the PhoenixDx multiplex test continues to detect COVID-19 – including the Omicron VOC mutations listed below – at an industry-leading sensitivity.

If you are concerned that your current testing provider has not provided confirmation that its PCR tests remain highly effective against the Omicron variant, it might be time to switch to the PhoenixDx multiplex test. Our high-quality products, immediate availability and white-gloved technical service set the standard for PCR (and antigen) testing in the industry.

Please visit our website or contact our technical team today to learn more about our PCR and antigen testing products and availability. Email us at info@traxconnects.com or telephone us directly at (833) 548-8378.

Omicron VOC mutations confirmed detected with PhoenixDx:

Spike A67V, Spike D614G, Spike D796Y, Spike E484A, Spike g142D, Spike G339D, Spike G446S, Spike G496S, Spike H69del, SpikeH655Y, Spike ins214EPE, Spike K417N, Spike L212I, Spike L981F, Spike N211del, Spike n440K, Spike N501Y, Spike N679K, Spike N764K, Spike N856K, Spike N969K, Spike P681H, Spike Q493R, Spike Q498R, Spike Q954H, Spike S371L, Spike S373P, Spike S375F, Spike S477N, Spike T95I, Spike T478K, Spike T547K, Spike V70del, Spike V143del, SpikeY144del, SpikeY145del, Spike Y505H, E T9I, M A63T, Md3G, M Q19E, N E31del, N G204R, NP13L, N R32del, N R203K, N S33del, NSP3 A1892T, NSP3 K38R, NSP3 L1266I, NSP3 S1265del, NSP3 T1004I, NSP4 T492I, NSP5 P132H, NSP6 G107del, NSP6 G107del, NSP6 I189V, NSP6 L105del, NSP6 S106del, NSP12 P323L, NSP14 I42V.