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Trax obtained its EUA on April 20, 2020 and has sold millions of PCR tests across the United States since then. We currently have these tests and supplies in our warehouse and have the capacity to deliver over 5,000,000 each week.

Gold Standard in Accuracy: Our PCR test performs at 100% accuracy at a target Limit of Detection (“LoD”) level of 50 cp/mL. To obtain this level of accuracy, the PhoenixDx test uses two different gene targets, which allows it to eliminate false-negative results. Studies have also shown similar effectiveness against Delta and Omicron. Our tests are compatible with all common Lab Instruments: Developed by an Austrian life sciences and biotech lab with over 25 years of manufacturing experience.

Top 5 Reasons Lab Consultants Love Us:

  • 1. BioRad CFX96
  • 2. Qiagen Rotorgene Q
  • 3. Applied Biosystems ABI 7500 Fast RealTime PCR
  • 4. qTower³ RealTime PCR
  • 5. DTprime (DT-96) Real-time PCR
  • 6. Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 1
  • 7. Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 3
  • 8. Thermo Fisher QuantStudio 5
  • 9. Abbott m2000 Real-time PCR

We also provide free technical support to each of our customers, and assist them in validating our PCR tests on their equipment and supply labs with every piece of equipment – and every consumable – that they need to perform their testing. To provide peace of mind, we are also happy to provide existing customer referrals to private firms or public entities seeking to make an initial large purchase.

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    Our antigen tests come individually packaged for single use and provide accurate results within 15 minutes. These powerful, compact diagnostics are perfect for use at airports, hotels, schools, large events and gatherings, office or other places of work, etc. Pending regulatory authorization, they are indicated for professional use as well as over-the-counter (“OTC”), in-home use.

    Regulatory Authorization: Our manufacturing partner has obtained provisional authorization from the Health Sciences Authority in Singapore and a CE mark for use in the European Union. Trax is in the process of obtaining an EUA from the US FDA. We expect to have FDA EUA authorization for the antigen test (both professional use and OTC) early in Q1 2022.

    Superior Sensitivity/Specificity: As you will see from the clinical trial data, our antigen test performs at 97% sensitivity and 99% specificity with a LoD level of 50 cp/mL – which, compared with currently-approved tests (82-88% specificity) will make it one of the most highly-specific antigen tests to receive the FDA EUA.

    No Lab Needed: With all the required equipment contained in the test box, Trax’s antigen tests can be used anywhere by anyone. With appropriate regulatory approval, these tests can be used at home without the inconvenience of nurses or labs. Simply open the box, take the test and wait fifteen minutes for the results. It’s that easy.

    Scaled-Up Production Capacity: The manufacturer’s production facilities are producing over 2,000,000 tests per day – again allowing Trax to fill significant volume immediately and efficiently. Similar to our PCR test commitment, we can have up to one million tests delivered to your location within 7 days of receiving a purchase order.

    Forward Purchase Contract: We can discuss the option of a forward purchase contract whereby your lab would lock in a guaranteed supply of antigen tests (upon receipt of EUA) at a competitive price, which would provide your lab some supply/budgetary certainty around its antigen testing offering.