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The Future of COVID-19

Covid is here, Covid isn’t going away, and yet Covid is changing. The worldwide deployment of multiple vaccines has lulled the populace into a false sense of security, while case numbers continue to spike. The genetic mutations have developed at an incredible speed – some of which have already proven disturbingly effective at evading existing vaccines. Testing remains critical in providing epidemiologists, healthcare policymakers, businesses and government entities the information necessary to help them respond to the virus. At Trax, we offer highly sensitive COVID-19 testing solutions, from our PhoenixDX PCR multiplex assay to our antigen testing solutions. Combining an extensive product offering, immediate delivery, competitive pricing and white-gloved customer service, Trax has become a nationwide leader in the laboratory testing space. With over two decades of experience in this space, we are committed to helping our lab network result samples more efficiently and more cost-effectively than their competitors.


Trax uses real world feedback and data to help create cutting-edge products and opportunities for our labs. We are game changers in the testing industry providing laboratories a competitive advantage in their marketplace and increase the quality of patient care. We supply labs all over the country with everything they need from assays to analyzers to plastics at a lower price and faster turnaround than even our largest competitors. Working directly with our manufacturers to help bring business-changing PCR solutions to our labs, we have a world-class supply chain to keep them producing without delays. For our labs who are adding panels or are starting to scale, we offer professional “boots on the ground” lab professionals to help plan, set up, staff and validate your lab.

If you are concerned that your current testing provider has not provided confirmation that its PCR tests remain highly effective against the Omicron variant, it might be time to switch to the PhoenixDx multiplex test. Our high-quality products, immediate availability and white-gloved technical service set the standard for PCR (and antigen) testing in the industry.

Please visit our website or contact our technical team today to learn more about our PCR and antigen testing products and availability. Email us at info@traxconnects.com or telephone us directly at (833) 548-8378.